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Welcome, enjoy your experience
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Our mission

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     The vision is using fashion as a means to convey empowering imagery and push the envelope of what we define as Black culture.


     Generate enough revenue to open our first retail store. For this purpose your           continued support is greatly appreciated. Be sure to follow us on all our social         media pages and signing up for email updates. Support this vision by sharing         our work with your network, Thanks.


     Structure store as either a co-op or offer employee profit sharing. Hiring Black         men and incentivizing them to generate as much revenue as they possibly               can via some form of incentivized profit sharing. The work environment will be         centered on the theme of cultural appropriate education, history, financial                 literacy and self love. Develop and create all the systems to run an efficient             operation. Then open up our second store in another inner city where the                 opportunity will benefit Black men.



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